Diamonds This Spring

Have you seen a diamond up close lately? Yes, yes, I know — most of us are not putting any jewelry on lately …am I right? NO! Not me! I decided a few weeks ago that I will put on large earrings and lipstick every day! Believe it.. because you know I would not be lying on such an important matter…I need to feel somewhat normal and this is my normal:))

So why did I name this weeks email “diamonds and you?” Because Diamonds are the birthstone for the month of April. And because diamonds are known for their spiritual strength of fearlessness, invincibility, and fortitude! Did you know that? And when you look at the word diamond in Hebrew, יהלום you can divide it to the two syllables ya-halom…which means “God is here!” God is here, friends! What a reminder as we step into the month of April, liberated from Egypt, on the way to becoming a nation!

God is here during this spring. I know many of us are dealing with illness, uncertainty in our profession, difficulty in our relationships as we navigate a future that is far from being clear. And I pray that you all are safe and healthy. And in some odd way- I find it easier to trust and believe in God because deep down I understand that what is going on now is bigger than any of us….this faith helps me go through the agony of what I see on TV. Does that make sense? Do you agree?

And so, we continue to do what we do best, and we ALSO take the time to recalibrate this spring, reflecting on this time of renewal; renewal of our bodies and our soul. If you are a gardener, you would be planting new plants at this time– What seeds would you plant for this season so your soul will grow? And how would you continue so it is constantly nourished?



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