Hope and Action Spiced with Courage

I was on the plane back to Portland from a speaking engagement at Princeton New Jersey philanthropy luncheon when I watched the movie Joy with Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Jennifer Lawrence. Against all odds, Joy, the main actress, … Read More

I Am Nobody Else!

I remember last July when I left my position as the education director at a Conservative synagogue. I went from knowing what was my weekday routine to having to create it from scratch. I had no website. No book (just … Read More

Change for Your Best!

What do you think about the idea of change? This thought was recently introduced in my Toastmasters club. And of course, it got me thinking about the times in my life that I needed to change. Usually I speak about … Read More

Book Trailer

Moments of the Heart Book Trailer Moments of the Heart from Dorice Horenstein on Vimeo.

Rotten Roots!

Bal Tashchit, in Hebrew, referring to the mitzvah of not destroying. Most of us naturally will think of our environment. Instead, I am referring to our souls. I have always regarded myself as a lucky person—for countless reasons, one of … Read More

A Forever Lioness!

I remember as if it was yesterday. The first time I was called a lioness. And it wasn’t because of my hairstyle 🙂 (kidding aside— in the 80’s I had hairstyle that resembled a Mane, I do not kid you! … Read More

Hoping and Coping

I love the idea of hope. How can we live our life with no hope, right? Hope is the antithesis to fear. While fear paralyzes us, hope drives us to an action. We all know that there are times where … Read More

Build Your Village

I’m watching this TV show– it’s called the Village. My husband says he cannot handle one more TV show with the basketball season in full force, so I watch by myself. I get my cup of tea. I cover myself … Read More


Tomorrow night many Jews, especially those of Middle Eastern decent will be celebrating the special day, called mimuna. My sister makes this day come alive. She bakes and prepare all sorts of cookies in the most beautiful way, colorful and … Read More