What You Consume You Become

I thought of this clever title, What You Consume You Become, last week, before any of this past weekend’s tragedy happened! Saturday and Sunday have been a challenging weekend for me, and my heart still aches! So full of agony of what occurred in Pittsburghthe massacre of our brothers and sisters as they worshiped, as they found that which nourishes their soul. What we consume we become. These innocent victims were consuming the word of God, trying to make their lives better. On the other hand, the murderer was consumed with hatred!

When I named this blog, What You Consume You Become, I had something completely different in mind—look at the picture associated with this blog to see what I have consumed leading up to this weekend. This picture is worth 1000 words! All the books depicted here I have been consuming.

The Jewish people are known as the People of the Book, and this week, in addition to learning a bit of Torah, I’ve been surrounded with some beautiful spiritual and self-empowering books!

From Harold Kushner’s book, Nine Essential Things I Have Learned About Life, to I Have Been Thinking by Maria Shriver, to Einstein and The Rabbi, Searching for the Soul by Naomi Levymy spiritual food intake has reached new heights. And what I’ve noticed about me is not surprising—what we consume we become. I am filled with more appreciation for, and taking the time to actually reflect on, what I’ve been reading and savoring. I sit by my fireplace and if only for one hour, I allow myself to melt into the books, feeling the words sneak out and hug me.

As a result, I am less cranky, more appreciative of my being, and more open to the universe and what it has to offer.

What we consume we become. Yesterday, I had my free webinar about my upcoming book, Moments of the Heart—what a pleasure it is for me to explore the concepts of the book with others, and I am looking forward to teaching my eight-week class elucidating these concepts at Congregation Neveh Shalom starting in January. It will be super-nourishing for your soul!

Click here to register on-line or click here to email JoAnn or call the office at 503-246-8831.

And if it’s not the right time for you, I offer you several easy ways to connect with me to find similar nourishment—from my online classes, to my book, to studying with me!

On three things the world stands: Torah, worship, and acts of loving kindness. (Pirkei Avot 1:2)

My heart aches that those who went to worship this past Shabbat were taken away before their time. May their families find comfort in the days and years to come, and may we all be given the opportunity and privilege to partake of these three life-sustaining elements. Now and always.


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