Man Is The Tree of The Field

A friend came over recently and noticed this picture hanging on my all. It is one of my favorite pictures. Why do I love it so much? Well, to start, I bought it in 2008 in the city of Tzefat in the northern part of Israel. I took a group of 42 people from Portland Oregon to tour Israel for 12 days. I was the organizer. I had a bus, a tour guide, I booked all the hotels, arranged the meals, the attraction sites to visit. It was an awesome trip. That is the first thing I think of when I think of this picture — a beautiful trip to Israel.

One of the days we visited the artist quarter in this magnificent and mystical city of Tzefat. I remember going through the alleys and I was allured into a store where the artist was sitting and painting. This picture was the picture that was hanging right there on the wall by her working station. She told me all about it. What the trunk means, the branches (even those branches that come out of the circle), the different colored fruits of the tree. She explained the warm colors of the picture. And of course, she mentioned the Hebrew phrase from the book of Psalm chapter 1 verse 1-3 framing this picture. I knew that this picture had to live in my house. I usually don’t buy such big and impressive purchases without consulting my husband. But this one I knew. I knew that it belonged in my home. It spoke to me. It told me the story of us, human beings.

I saw the trunk, and the inner eyes, symbolizing the intuition that we all capable of having (do you see it?).

I observed the roots that are so intertwine. I reflected on our past that can complex at times.  Where we are born, and to whom, is not necessarily where we are destined to stay and who we are to be. There is growth symbolized by the roots that actually grow upward, can something from your past continue to nourish you today?

The fruit on the tree with its many colors symbolizes the relationships that we have with people around us. No one relationship is the same, hence the different colors of the fruit. The relationship we have with our family is not the same as the relationship we have with friends, collogues, the people we see on an any day. They are all different and unique in themselves.

This tree seems happy. The colors are warm. Beautiful happy yellow. I see light beaming out of it. This is how I want to view myself. As a happy human being. It is no coincidence that the verse surrounding the framing of the pictures talks about being happy. Ashrai Ha-ish, Happy is the man that did not walk in the advice of wicked, and in a path of sinful did not stand, and in a place of jokesters did not sit but in the Torah of God is his desire, and in it he will reflect day and night, and he shall be as a tree planted on streams of  water that will give its fruit in its time, and its leaves will not wither, and everything he will do be successful. 

And then I realize, this picture is all about the four chambers, just like my book Moments of the Heart!  The first chamber is all about ourselves—what does happiness mean to you? Where are my roots? Second chamber is relationship with others—look at the colored fruit? Chamber three- relationship with God—How does a desire to learn God’s law, and the daily reflection in it enriches you life as the book of Psalms indicates? And Chamber four- events that changed who we are- That’s the family trip that I organized that brought this picture to my life! How can I ever forget that?

Now, what do you think about my picture? Reflect on your life. How is your trunk? Your roots? Your branches? What colors do you associate with? What makes you happy just because?

Is there an item, an art piece that you own and love so much? Why? What does it remind you? Does it teach you something that makes your life happier than it is now?

My picture is hanging in our dining area and everyday as I come down the stairs, I see it. And I remember. Life is good. I am Happy. I am thankful to be here!

P.S. What’s most amazing is that almost a decade later my student went to Israel with her family. They went to the city and they walked in the same streets I walked into 2008. And they thought of me and wanted to bring me a gift (I am beyond lucky to have these friends in my life—They have became like family to me). And what to do they bring back? The same picture! Smaller version, different shades of colors. But from the same artist.
It also belongs to me. Now I have two of the same pictures. In different parts of my house. What I am learning is that there is a particular karma that we set out to the world of who we are and what we love. And it’s pretty awesome when it returns to us as a yes, the universe sees you! We see you!

As always would love to hear from you!

All my best!