Online Hebrew Gem Courses

Inspiring the lives of adults and youth through sharing the treasures of Judaism and the Hebrew language. As a native speaker of Hebrew Dorice took Hebrew for granted. After studying and understanding the impact and the power of the Hebrew letters, she discovered their significance and realized the hidden layers of meaning of this holy tongue.

Learn about the Hebrew language in the comfort of your own home. Entertaining, spiritual, and full of hidden gems found in the Hebrew language!

Hebrew: The Language of Intent

The Treasure and Mystery of the Hebrew Aleph Bet


In three jam-packed sessions Dorice teaches the power of the Hebrew written word as it used in biblical Hebrew, as well as, in conversational. Hebrew is regarded as the Holy Language and as such, by learning the hidden meaning behind every letter, words become venues to a deep understanding of human behavior, thoughts and actions. DETAILS: Total course is 4.5 hour long and it will be available to you for an entire month from purchasing date. As a bonus, when purchased, Dorice will gift you a live 30 min zoom following the viewing to discuss the learning. Please note that this course price is for home use ONLY and not a group viewing. If you wish to bring it to your community contact Dorice through the contact page to arrange a group cost. The Cost: $360 Non-refundable

"I loved this course! Dorice does an amazing job of revealing the depth of the Hebrew language. My studies have gone to another level now that I can see beyond just the translation into English. The tools that Dorice has included in this course, has helped me dig deeper into the written word of God! 100% satisfied with the course! "
"This class is a must and so fascinating to see how every letter has a meaning and the message that is in it. You will be captivated by this set of classes and rewarded with the unveiling of the Hebrew language. Dorice is so much fun to learn from and is full of life! "
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"Dorice’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious. She weaves Jewish knowledge and spiritually into
present day experiences. "