As I Head Forward, I Reflect Back

I have been practicing Positive Intelligence tools for a year now and wow, the difference it made. Not only on my life but those who are around me. Do you want to listen to a Saturday morning reflection and consider how this method can affect your life? Read on…… Read More

My 100th Episode!

Would you interrupt your coaching session to have an acknowledging moment? I did! It was so wonderful that I even created a podcast about it! And in the process, I shared a story told by my mother and the learned lessons to influence our lives today! Here is the blog version of it!… Read More

A Game Gone Bad

You are in a meeting and it suddenly goes south…people are getting a bit upset..If you are a leader or not..what do you do?… Read More

Choose The Moment

Choosing this Moment As we approach the end of 2020, (what a year!), I reflect on so many moments. Happy, sad frustrated, comforting, testing moments.  What is the significance of these moments? Have you heard of the idea of living … Read More

Is Being Authentic Good

Being authentic is good, isn’t it? In my line of work people are striving to be authentic and celebrate authenticity. A few months back, I had a conversation with a teenage boy who was giving his parents a really difficult … Read More

Light and Positivity

Tonight we’re celebrating the first night of Hanukkah, known as the Holiday of Lights. In its core, Hanukkah is a holiday about religious freedom. Today I want to bring up a different aspect. I remember one song that was my … Read More

Let Go and Allow In

I was asked to be a speaker on Tuesday in my Toastmaster’s club. The topic—Thanksgiving, of course. I was contemplating what I would say that will have a different take, a fresh look, especially during these times where so many … Read More

Time To Breathe

Let’s breathe. And let’s breathe again. I feel my chest rising and falling, and I allow myself to deeply breathe. I let the ruach or “air,” of my breathing engulf my body, my inner organs, and I feel the air anchoring me … Read More