Let Go and Allow In

I was asked to be a speaker on Tuesday in my Toastmaster’s club. The topic—Thanksgiving, of course. I was contemplating what I would say that will have a different take, a fresh look, especially during these times where so many … Read More

Time To Breathe

Let’s breathe. And let’s breathe again. I feel my chest rising and falling, and I allow myself to deeply breathe. I let the ruach or “air,” of my breathing engulf my body, my inner organs, and I feel the air anchoring me … Read More

The Three R’s You Will Not Regret

Can Noah, the biblical figure, be on your team?? Would you like it? Do you remember the story of Noah and the flood? God instructed him to build an ark because he was planning to destroy the world, which is … Read More

The Power You Bring With You

Some days are just like that. You wake up in the morning and you think “it’s another day,” and then it turns out to be not like “another day.” Not for me, anyway. That specific day becomes an actually aggravating … Read More

Shana Tovah, friends!

Shana Tovah, friends! I just spoke with my sister, who lives in Israel, and we reflected that Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, is just a few days away but yet, the excitement is not as evident as years’ past. … Read More

Choose Your Words

I have been thinking about “things.” Does that surprise you? What are the “things” that you think about? “Things” can be objects that we have around our house. Do the “things” that you have in your home provide an inkling … Read More

Independence Day

Independence Day- it is usually a joyous day. People go picnicking, hiking, have back yard barbeques, watching loud fireworks light up the sky. But this year it’s going to be different. And that makes me think about other aspects of … Read More