Direction vs. Destination

Yesterday I was talking to my brother who owns his own business company in Israel. I said something that naturally came out of me, but when I vocalized it, I paused and said it again and again and internalized it.  … Read More

ּCan we be Happy? How? Now!

It’s a mitzvah, this month! Yes! To be happy! mishenichnas Adar marbim b’simcha, when the Jewish month of Adar enters happiness increases. While it’s not one of the 613 mitzvot directly, nonetheless, we pray in the Siddur (prayer book) ivdoo … Read More

Know Your Real Value

The other day something special happened! Have you ever thought about your value, your real value? I want to tell you what happened to me this past weekend as it really opened my eyes to something that I was not … Read More

Man Is The Tree of The Field

A friend came over recently and noticed this picture hanging on my all. It is one of my favorite pictures. Why do I love it so much? Well, to start, I bought it in 2008 in the city of Tzefat … Read More

An Interview With KPDQ Radio Talk Show

As a guest on KPDQ Radio Talk Show, The Teacher and The Preacher, I share with listeners the mystery behind the Hebrew language and invites them to join the online course. You can listen to the full radio show here. Sign … Read More

Jump on Board!

My friend sent me this awesome picture. Her daughter is on this ship serving our country. I must say I was mesmerized by this picture. But my focus was not on the ship. I noticed the people watching the ship … Read More

Everything Has A Reason

This past weekend I had two instances with people I love calling me to tell me news that could be regarded as maybe not so good. Their program didn’t work out as they planned it, they didn’t get the opportunity … Read More

Direct Your Compass!

Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education just sent me this photo that they have in their archives asking if I can identify the time or the place this picture was taken. Oh, my—it was 1988, I believe. It … Read More