Tomorrow night many Jews, especially those of Middle Eastern decent will be celebrating the special day, called mimuna. My sister makes this day come alive. She bakes and prepare all sorts of cookies in the most beautiful way, colorful and … Read More

Let freedom ring!

Let freedom ring! That’s how I feel right now as I’m putting the last touches for our Seder tonight. I made my gefiltefish (from scratch, if my mother-in-law was alive today she would be grinning from ear to ear seeing … Read More

All Else Is Hametz

Passover is one of my most favorite holidays, not because the immense cleaning that takes place beforehand… or the overpriced kosher for Passover items that we have to purchase. And it’s not my favorite holiday because of the fun Seder … Read More

Finding Your Own Reality

I was struck by a Hebrew word concept I want to share with you. I was talking to a woman I met this past week and she was sharing some of the heartaches she has been experiencing and then she … Read More

Direction vs. Destination

Yesterday I was talking to my brother who owns his own business company in Israel. I said something that naturally came out of me, but when I vocalized it, I paused and said it again and again and internalized it.  … Read More

ּCan we be Happy? How? Now!

It’s a mitzvah, this month! Yes! To be happy! mishenichnas Adar marbim b’simcha, when the Jewish month of Adar enters happiness increases. While it’s not one of the 613 mitzvot directly, nonetheless, we pray in the Siddur (prayer book) ivdoo … Read More