The Stories That Make Us

To fly somewhere requires one to know your destination. In order to pick up your bags from the right baggage claim, you need to know where they came from. This parallels life. A full journey has a beginning and a … Read More

Judaism- Is there a place for God?

It is the last Shabbat in 2018! WooHoo!! That is a terrific time of the year, right? Time to reflect back and simultaneously move forward. We are beginning the story of Exodus in synagogues all over the world this weekend! … Read More

Is Judaism A Seller’s Market?

Last week I talked about Judaism as a buyer’s market. I received several comments! Let me share one of the responses from a dear friend of mine: “Dorice, Great blog but you have it backwards. Judaism is the Seller and … Read More

How much will you pay to buy Judaism?

What am I taking about? Is Judaism for sale and I did not know it?? This past weekend, I went to a conference at the Palo Alto Jewish Community Center (JCC), titled “Z3.” The letter Z standing for the word … Read More

Chanukah is here!

Is there a person who does not like this holiday? In my 30 years in Jewish education I am yet to find one! And it makes total sense. It’s a beautiful holiday! You don’t have to go to shul in … Read More

Whole But Yet Split

My heart is full yet torn to two. Can it be? Can you be fully satisfied, fully content, yet fully sad??  A stay in Israel that I cherish, a visit with my parents, sisters, brother, their families and friends that … Read More

Where are you?

Where are you? I’m writing this blog as I’m sitting in the LA airport waiting for my flight to Israel. Where am I? Eicha? So often our lives are so busy with the tasks that we have to do; the … Read More

The Power of Song

Mizmor, a psalm, a melody.  What a familiar word in prayer service. Many of us are familiar with the Mizmor L’David prayer when we carry the Torah around as part of the Torah service. According to tradition, King David was … Read More

Yes–We Are One Big Family!

This past weekend I got the opportunity to go to a different synagogue than my own. I walked in, and a young lady was handing out the prayer books. What a wonderful surprise it was when she looked up and … Read More

What You Consume You Become

I thought of this clever title, What You Consume You Become, last week, before any of this past weekend’s tragedy happened! Saturday and Sunday have been a challenging weekend for me, and my heart still aches! So full of agony … Read More