Whole But Yet Split

My heart is full yet torn to two. Can it be? Can you be fully satisfied, fully content, yet fully sad??  A stay in Israel that I cherish, a visit with my parents, sisters, brother, their families and friends that is fulfilling, an excitement to go back to Portland to see my loved ones, my husband and my youngest son with an anticipation to see my older kids later on in December— all this sounds perfect! So why the sadness…? Every trip to Israel I experience this same feeling. You would think that with time I would learn methods to overcome this. You promise yourself, that this time it will be easier (after all, the plan is to come again within a year…. not too long, right?). So why?

Because I deeply internalize that time is a precious gift. What I did this time, I may not do again. Who I saw this time, I may not see again. No one can promise anything to anyone…to anyone.

It may sound odd, but I am reminded of the first story of creation, a human being, who according to many rabbis, was created of two people (a man and a woman). Each one helping the other. Separate but yet one. Perhaps dichotomy can exist. We can have two opposite feelings within one experience, one existence. And each side needs to help and assist the other side in its existence so it not only exists but thrive!

So now, I turn to my optimistic self to cheer me up and carry me on ( and when I get to Portland, I expect Bob to take the reins????)

Message learned: Enjoy the moment. Live fully, experience joy, act positively, love freely. Even though life in Hebrew, chayim חיים, is a plural term, life on this earth is only one. Don’t regret living it!

Portland— here I return!

Have a blessed day!

I am looking forward to teaching my eight-week class elucidating the concepts about my upcoming book, Moments of the Heart—what a pleasure it is for me to explore the concepts of the book with others,  at Congregation Neveh Shalom starting on January 8th.   It will be super-nourishing for your soul!

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