Learning with Dorice

What Parents & Students Are Saying

Bringing Hebrew Alive

My teenage daughter and I have been studying Hebrew with Dorice for several months. Dorice is an outstanding teacher and we both enjoy her lessons greatly. What I particularly like is that Dorice is so passionate about Hebrew and she teaches it within a religious and cultural context that makes it far more engrossing and alive than just learning aleph, bet, shin etc. I had heard that Dorice was an inspiring teacher from several other people, I was delighted to discover that she really lives up to her billing. The clinching proof of how good Dorice is, is that my teenage daughter will happily drag herself out of bed on her one lie-in morning of the week to go to Hebrew class.
Belinda Beresford

Accessible & Fun

As an adult learning to read Hebrew, Dorice was a patient teacher but pushed me a tiny bit past what I thought I could do and was always right that I could do it. This caused me to gain confidence and want to learn more. Dorice was clear in how many sessions it would take to learn to read Hebrew and she was spot on. I enjoyed learning from her very much as she is warm and motivating.
Allison Fowler
Adult Student

Instilling Jewish Pride

As a child learning Hebrew and Jewish studies, Dorice always had a lesson plan ready which had Hebrew and also something fun to do like a craft or a cooking project depending on the holiday coming up. She taught me songs, Hebrew, told me stories about Judaism and the Torah as well as life lessons that came from the studies. She can see how a student like me learns best and adjusts her style to fit that student. Dorice packs a lot of learning into each hour. Dorice is an extremely warm and caring teacher. I told my mom to stop coming in with me because I loved my time with Dorice one-on-one and have developed a connection to Dorice that I still have now, years later. She made learning fun for me and engendered a pride in my Jewish heritage that I am so thankful for!
Lauren Fowler
Teen Student

Passionate & Practical

I was so happy Dorice was willing to teach my son for his Bar Mitzvah.  She has  a lot of passion for Judaism and makes her teachings interesting and practical. There is literally no one else who could have done the fabulous job Dorice did. Next year, we start on my younger son! Very grateful.
HagarI Azoulay