Know Your Real Value

The other day something special happened! Have you ever thought about your value, your real value? I want to tell you what happened to me this past weekend as it really opened my eyes to something that I was not … Read More

Man Is The Tree of The Field

A friend came over recently and noticed this picture hanging on my all. It is one of my favorite pictures. Why do I love it so much? Well, to start, I bought it in 2008 in the city of Tzefat … Read More

An Interview With KPDQ Radio Talk Show

As a guest on KPDQ Radio Talk Show, The Teacher and The Preacher, I share with listeners the mystery behind the Hebrew language and invites them to join the online course. You can listen to the full radio show here. Sign … Read More

Jump on Board!

My friend sent me this awesome picture. Her daughter is on this ship serving our country. I must say I was mesmerized by this picture. But my focus was not on the ship. I noticed the people watching the ship … Read More

Everything Has A Reason

This past weekend I had two instances with people I love calling me to tell me news that could be regarded as maybe not so good. Their program didn’t work out as they planned it, they didn’t get the opportunity … Read More

Direct Your Compass!

Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education just sent me this photo that they have in their archives asking if I can identify the time or the place this picture was taken. Oh, my—it was 1988, I believe. It … Read More