Jump on Board!

My friend sent me this awesome picture. Her daughter is on this ship serving our country. I must say I was mesmerized by this picture. But my focus was not on the ship. I noticed the people watching the ship go by. Do you see them? I thought to myself – how often in life do we stand by the sideline waiting or even hoping that something will happen as we see other people taking initiatives? When are we watching other people moving? And how does it make us feel?

Compare that with the times that we actually take initiative and jump on board? (Don’t you love how this phrase so beautifully connects to the picture??!!)

In Pirkei Avot 2:4 Rabbi Hillel says, “do not separate yourself from your community.” I think that being a part of something makes us feel that we accomplish things!  When we are involved and part of a community the community benefits, but we also benefit. The community can be your religious community, your social community or even your work community. But being a part of a group helps in having a sense of direction. We, Jews, place a lot of emphasis on a community. There are prayers that we can only do when there are at least 10 of us in the room. There are many holidays and gatherings that are home base, meaning that we’re going to be with friends and family celebrating those moments! Some moments are not enjoyable in the same way when celebrated only in the solitude of one.

I want you to look at this picture closely. Are you on the ship? If not, what can you do to jump on board?

As always, love the emails I get and the response—keep them coming!

With blessings,