Know Your Real Value

know your real valueThe other day something special happened!

Have you ever thought about your value, your real value? I want to tell you what happened to me this past weekend as it really opened my eyes to something that I was not aware of before!

I am sharing it because it may align with what you are doing or what you are thinking, and perhaps this could be helpful to you as well!

This past weekend I was videotaping a marketing clip for my speaking business which I’m starting now -I’m moving on to something new, something exciting, I am sure you know about it already!

I had an a-ha moment this past weekend when I was recording a video. I Felt very satisfied with how it went. When I was done, I came down from the stage and a woman came up to me. I recognized her as one of the professional speakers from NSA (National Speaker Association).  She said “Dorice, are you a professional speaker?” I was a bit surprised because many of the people there were professional speakers, but I thought maybe she meant  if I am making a lot of money yet. So I said “oh no no, I just left my job and I’m building in my new brand, my new speaking career and so I haven’t really been paid a lot. I’ve done some speaking engagements but they did not pay lot of money.” She stops me and she asks “I didn’t ask you how much money you make. I asked if you are a professional speaker.” And that moment was an a-ah moment because I realized I was valuing the wrong thing. I valued myself according to how much money I made so far. What I realized was that she wanted me to step into who I am becoming with both feet, even when there are unknown factors now. So I stood up. I straightened my shoulders and I said “Yes, I am a professional speaker and I am so excited.” She smiled and said “That’s what I thought because I really enjoyed listening to you and I think you will have a wonderful path a head.” I have been thinking about this word exchange a lot. There’s a message there that I wanted to convey to you.

Even though I regard myself as a confident and worthy person, I did not value myself correctly at this instance.  Finding my value is not connected to how much money I’ve made so far, but more the essence of what I bring and who I am. So, of course, it makes me think about all the people around me– you for example. How do you measure your value? do you measure your value by who you know, how much money you make, the clothes you wear? Or, do you value yourself by the service that you bring to the world, whatever that means in your particular life situations? Each and everyone of us has a purpose, and each one of you (of us) have value. Let’s live up to that value—and all else (money included!) will fall into place!


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