Your Wellness Program!

What do you do for YOUR wellness? I just returned from Newcaje conference, which is a conference for Jewish educators. It is a national conference and this year it took place in Portland Oregon! How fabulous is that?! Huge thanks to the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland and the CARE foundation! Over 70 educators from our community attend! Yes! As I was attending sessions at this conference, I reflected back on the recent O magazine posing this question! What is my wellness “why”?

First, do you know how we say “wellness” in Hebrew? I find myself always going to the magnificent Hebrew language for insights… no wonder, right? As someone who wrote a book Moments of the Heart (that will be available on e-book on October 28) about relationships from the Jewish wisdom perspective, I believe in the power and mystery of Hebrew language. So I knew there is more to the word Wellness… in Hebrew the word for wellness is רווחה נפשית “revacha nafsheet”. The word revacha can mean widening (as in the door is wide open) or, the word easy (as in breathing easy). This word can also be looked at from the root aspect that shares the same meaning as in the word להרוויח l’harviach“to profit.” The second word nefesh is one of the several words that means soul (a whole different posting).

So what is wellness in its truest sense?  A person whose soul has widened. A person whose soul can breathe easily. A person whose soul can benefit from others and at the same time benefitting others. Our wellness is not only for eating the right foods, doing the right exercises. While that is important, the wellness of our soul is going to determine how we travel through this journey!

So what do I do for my wellness? Going to the conference was definitely nourishing to my soul, widening of my spirit, and benefit to my being. I met so many wise and forward thinkers. So many shared with me their stories but also their support for my courage and journey becoming an author and a speaker! It is not easy to decide to do something so different…jumping to a new aspect of my life…I found likeminded spirits with whom I will stay in touch and hopefully work with in the future. I taught others and learned from many. My soul profited. Revachah nafsheet. רווחה נפשית!

What’s your wellness program that works for you?

Would love to hear!