My Morning Coffee

On my California vacation with my family, something sweet happened. My kids say it happens often to me. I am not sure if it’s true, but I will take it! Here is a story about how one nice gesture leads to another! It’s a lovely morning in sunny California and I’m sitting overlooking the pool, with a cup of coffee enjoying the morning. One of the hotel’s employees who cleans the tables and removes the plates approaches me and asks, “Can I pick up the plates?” I respond, “Of course! Thank you so much.” And then he asks, “Can I help you with anything else?” I ask him if there are any bananas on the breakfast buffet because I didn’t see any. He goes into the kitchen and returns with three bananas. I immediately show my gratitude and thank him. He then asks me if I would like more coffee. When he leaves, I say to my son, “Wasn’t that nice of him?” And my son responds, “it’s his job.” “No it’s not,” I reply. “Do you see him serving other people? His job is bussing the tables.” The man, Mario, returns a few minutes later with a fresh cup of coffee for me. I believe he’s nice because he sensed that I valued and appreciated his help.

And guess what followed every day during my vacation— every morning when he saw me having breakfast, this kind soul brought me a cup of coffee! Wouldn’t that make your morning just fabulous?!

If there are two values I saw come alive in a big way this week, here they are– the values of respect (kavod) and kindness (chesed).  I invite you to reflect on the two most important values to you this season. What are they? And why did I say this season?? Simply because where we are (emotionally, spiritually) today may be a bit different than where we are going to be two months from now, and while respect and kindness are important all the time, it could be that you will be more in tune to justice (tzedek) and truth (emet). The options are endless!

But the overall Jewish concept of sever panim yafot
– approach anyone you see with a kind demeanor is forever true!! You never know how both of you, the giver and the receiver, can benefit from it!

As always, I love hearing from you!

Much love,