Do I Have What You Don’t?

What do I have?

Several people over the last few weeks have asked me in wonder: Dorice, how did you know that? Who taught you how to use this? How do you get clients? How do you know what to do? How do you know what to do to forge your new path?

The truth is that I know what you can know. The truth is that I do what you can do. The truth is that I use what you can use.

Resourcefulness and initiative. 

Can we all do that? Of course! It’s a mindset. 

When I left my job as an education director, I knew I HAD to create a new path for me, a new venue to reach as many people as I possibly could. Jews and non-Jews alike! Religious and secular. Entrepreneurs and those working for corporate America! Why?? Because we are all people. We are all humans. And we ALL want to have a good life. And what is a good life? A life with a purpose. A life that is not operated only by a push of a button (right now I envision the big red button that says “easy” or “play”).

Can you press pause on this red button? For a second, please… 
Here is the longer version of the answer:

Initiative — ( יוזמהyozmah in Hebrew) be the one that takes action! Don’t wait for it to happen to you, don’t be discouraged that your email was not answered in the span of time you were hoping for. Don’t place yourself in the reactive position. Act, don’t react. Sounds good? Yeah! 

Be resourceful – תושיה) tushiah In Hebrew) you don’t have to invent the wheel, but it needs to excite you to keep on going! Because when all is said and done— anything emanating from you, with your style, with your experience, with your energy will make it originally you!!

I am resourceful to find the people that help my creativity gush out. I am resourceful because I talk to people who can teach me what I don’t know.

I take initiative because I realize that no one owes me anything! Anything at all.

I was raised in the most loving family that did not have much in terms of affluence. We knew not to ask for what our friends may have gotten because we had less. And that “less” (which today I realize was priceless) provided me with the tools to be who I am. I did not get what I wanted, I got what I needed. And I used my resourcefulness to get what I desired! And I still do it to this day!

What would you do to get what you desire? How hard and smart will you work? In ninth grade I used to clean houses (two houses a week) to get what I wanted.

Initiative and resourcefulness.

Do those two and you will feel much happier and accomplished! Guaranteed!

The people who use resourcefulness and initiative don’t wait for life to happen to them! They bring themselves forward into their reality, their life!

In order to be proactive you need to aware of where you are heading. I love the word self-awareness in Hebrew! It is מודעות עצמית  moodaoot atzmeet, which literally translates to knowing the self ! Meaning, being proactive invites you to know you, to know where you want to go, to know your direction.

So, when asked how do I do it? It’s a simple thought process. I know my destination. I plan my path. And I allow and invite God to lead me there! Everyone needs allies and partners to reach their destination, right?!

I think I hit the jackpot with mine!