The Three R’s You Will Not Regret

Can Noah, the biblical figure, be on your team?? Would you like it?

Do you remember the story of Noah and the flood? God instructed him to build an ark because he was planning to destroy the world, which is corrupt.

Does anyone volunteer to be stuck with animals on an ark for almost a year?

Must have been torture.

Ok, so he was not alone. This was not part A of the CAST AWAY movie. He was not Tom Hanks. He was not on an island all on his own. He had his wife, his sons and their wives and families. All together on a boat for almost a year.  

I am sure many of us can relate to him right now. Maybe not on a boat, but the sense of being stuck…well yes!

God referred to him as “a righteous in his generation.”

And yet, still many commentators believe he was not a good leader. Why?

Here is one reason—

Because even though Noah was a righteous man, a good man, he did not influence anyone.

There is not even one conversation mentioned with him and his neighbors…

Not even one.

Can you imagine building an ark for a while and no discussion with neighbors

( I am taking the liberty to create this imaginary conversation: “What are you doing buddy, what are you building?” Noah: “I am building an ark. God is planning to destroy the world, maybe you should stop behaving badly, it seems that God is aware.. repent and return…and God will save you.”

Nothing. Nada. 

He separated himself from what was going on. Maybe he did it to protect himself, maybe he thought he would make no waves (no pun intended),…But the fact remains—he saved himself, his family and some animals. Everyone else – dead!

We can talk about Noah for a long time if this was a religious conversation, but I want to take it somewhere else.

Can we glean lessons from a story of the past that can influence us today?

These are trying times for all of us. Economic, political. No one knows what the

future holds. It seems to reveal new things every day!

In this light, I invite us to ponder my THREE R’s as we go forward in this uncertain times.

First R- Realization

Noah realized that there is a bigger plan. One that no one can see, one that no one can predict. Can you relate to it nowadays? Realization invites awareness of all the active players. Are you aware (of your team, or your situation)? Are you mindful of what you and others bring to the interaction?

  • Realization of a situation invites each us to muster courage. Are you realizing the courage that it takes for you and others on your team to move forward in time of conflict?
  • Realization of the values that drive our everyday decision making. How do you make these values known? Are you aware of other’s values? Have you had a value-based conversation with your team?
  • Realization of our operating system. What is our “To go” behavior? Are we operating out of fear? Or out of love?
  • Realization of our need for community around us- creating friendship, trust. How do you build the connectivity within your team? Especially in time of separation.
  • Realization of the importance of our memory, collective and private. What can we bring from our past that which can help us in the future? What are we willing to let go, and thus create space for new things to come in?

Second R-Responsibility and possibility:

Noah took the responsibility to execute the task of building the ark!

  • Responsibility to action. What are you committing yourself to within your team? Is it known to all? How do you show this commitment?
  • Responsibility to be proactive by studying your behaviors, attitudes, and emotions. Are you aware of your automatic response to situations? Do you take the time to study and gain knowledge? Do you take the time to practice new behaviors?
  • Responsibility to learn. Yes, we can be the champions in our own lives. What gifts can you use to make this world a better place for all?
  • Responsibility to be an agent of influence for the good and the better. How can you bring positivity to people around you? Your energies are transmitted if you want it or not! How do you show up?
  • Responsibility to respond. Silence is not an option. Facing a challenge on your team and finding yourself in less than desired position at your work does not instantly mean that you are a victim. A victim is someone who calls himself a victim. What powers can you use to elevate your own thoughts, feelings and behavior?
  • Responsibility to self and others. That can include moral responsibility, that can influence your collective responsibility. Give an example where you took care of yourself as well as others. How did it make you feel?
  • Responsibility to cooperate and collaborate. In times of self-help, self-development, self-actualization, can we bring the “we” and the “us into the equation? It does not mean that you cannot strive to be the best you can be and have the spirit of competition, but can it be more inclusive rather than the feeling of “each one to his own?”
  • Responsibility to practice genuine listening, empathy, and respect even in diverse views. Can you keep your cool when you hear opposing views to your own? Can you handle it without pushing the other person away and out of sight?
  • Responsibility to have a healthy conflict. A healthy conflict is one where you can go for drinks when the day’s work is done!

Third R- Results and Recognition

Noah brought gifts to God and built a vineyard- time to party!

  • Can you detach yourself from the results? This question will surely test your ego!
  • Can you recognize the Powers to Be? Sometimes events will take place out of our control. Can you move on? Do you need to cultivate humility to make it easier to go through this time?
  • Can you recognize the seeds of hope regardless of the results? Hope is a positive emotion coming out of your sage perspective. Hope signals that things will be ok, regardless of the current situation. Can you incorporate hope into your daily practice? It can be hope for self, for a healed nation and for a better universe. What are you hoping for now? Train your mind, and your behavior will change. Your feelings and emotions will match your intention. Repetition creates improvement. Do you believe in yourself enough to do it repeatedly?
  • Can you share the bounty of your positive outlook with others? The more positive one feels, the more they will attract. I call it “being in the positive vortex world.”
  • Can you recognize the reality and still move forward with conviction regardless?

Believing in the possibilities ahead only create positive energy that spreads and influences not only in your body, mind and soul, but reaches everyone that is around you.

How willing are you to invest your time in the 3 R’s? Realization, Responsibility, Recognition

Good luck! I look forward to hearing your progress!