Shana Tovah, friends!

Shana Tovah, friends!

I just spoke with my sister, who lives in Israel, and we reflected that Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, is just a few days away but yet, the excitement is not as evident as years’ past.

It saddened my heart. We are about to start 5781! A new start! But yet..

And when I feel this way, I think of the ways I can better the situation. What solution and inspiration can I find?

For that, I visit…my older self! Yes, you might find it as a useful tip for your own life.

What would my older self-tell me right now?

“Hi Dorice, thank you so much for visiting me! I love seeing you, your hair color, it is really nice…ya–I can see you are a bit sad…here, let me give you a hug (there is no social distancing with your older self!). I know this time has been challenging. Challenging is an understatement. Covid19, with over 190,000 deaths, racial injustice, demonstrations, hurricanes, fire, smoke, loss of power, and of course Elections 2020! Wow! But I am here to tell you that this too shall pass. Keep strong. Keep using your superpowers– your positivity, smiley personality and helpful demeanor. Keep on working hard for your future, even when you feel you have slowed down. Keep planning for the best zoom Libenu High Holy Days service, you are more needed now than ever. Try to keep your mind on the importance of now. Be present, and at the same time look into the future. Hope and courage coupled with action! Isn’t that what you speak about in your personal HACK talk? Do you remember how you always say that we cannot change our yesterday, but we can inspire our tomorrow? Tomorrow is coming up, my dear. Tomorrow is a new beginning. Friday night will mark a new year! We have gone through hard times before. As Jews, we have experience plagues, anti-Semitism and so much more. We shall overcome this. Be strong. Hold on to what matters most in life. Yes, 2020, the Year of Vision was definitely not the year we envisioned. So let’s envision – how would you want to celebrate your new beginning? See the big picture, the entire forest. Green and vibrant. healthy and well. So many trees. Tall and strong trees, with deep roots that are watered constantly by hugs, loving words and acts of kindness. Trees with large and solid trunks that you can lean on for support and encouragement. A tree with large golden leaves symbolizing the abundant blessings in your life…. I love you, my younger self. Kisses and hugs, and please visit me again soon!”

I must say this imaginary conversation made me feel good!

How would you feel talking to your older self? What wisdom can you glean from that imaginary conversation?

An invitation to reflect:

We all have superpowers. What are yours and can you use them now?

Can you envision at least one good thing in your near future? Celebrate it!

Can you be present? Breath in the clean non smokey Portland air (that may be indoors only!) and just be?

If you are Jewish, can you think of one high Holy Days prayer that you love and hum it?

Can you join a group on Zoom for the holy days?

Can you visit your older self for more advice? If you would want to share, I would love to hear!

To top this day, I listened to my son, Yaniv, practicing his Torah reading for the High Holy Days Zoom Libenu and blowing the shofar –It sure is a way to get me in the best mood to prepared for the holy days!

In Hebrew a common blessing for the New Year is

תכלה שנה וקללותיה תחל שנה וברכותיה

May this year’s challenges end and may the New Year’s blessings begin!

My personal blessings to you and yours:

May it be a healthy New Year for you and your loved ones. May it be a year of safety, a year of discovering your strengths. May it be a year of great resilience and immense gratitude for all that we have!

All my best,