Your Attitude Can Be Contagious

Last week on my way to a restaurant for dinner, I saw a woman who was uploading some merchandise into her van. She was wearing a T-shirt that says, “I hate my job.”

I instantly felt sorry for her! For several reasons. First, the obvious reason – how sad it is when somebody is unhappy with their jobs, with what they actually do the majority of their awaken days. The second reason is a bit more subtle. I was sad for the attitude that this sentence projected to all who read it. We all know now that this woman hates her job. And the people who know her, or work with her know that too! Wouldn’t you agree that attitude is such an important factor in everything that we do? The Hebrew language is revealing more from under the surface. The word for attitude in Hebrew is “gisha”, and it shares the same root as the verb approach “l’geshet.” When you have the right attitude, people will approach you. Or, the way in which you approach things determines and shows your attitude to people around you. Ask yourself, are my actions reflect my attitude? Do I put obstacles in my way because of the way I approach certain projects? Is my attitude in line with what I want the outcome to be?

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov says “you are where your thoughts are. Make sure your thoughts are where you want to be.”

Many times I speak about the manifestation of our actions according to the power of our words. Did you know that when a magician says “abra k’dabra” he actually speak in ancient Hebrew? These two words literally mean “I will create as I speak.”

Friends, when we speak, we bring power to our words. And our words create the reality in which we live. And this reality can show itself in an email form, a post on Facebook, or while encountering someone at the grocery store. Through our words are attitude is shown. And we show our attitude in the approach that we take to achieve our goals. I saw a sign that says “Attitude is contagious, is your worth catching? Make sure your attitude is infectious in the most wonderful way!!