Your Wellness Program!

What do you do for YOUR wellness? I just returned from Newcaje conference, which is a conference for Jewish educators. It is a national conference and this year it took place in Portland Oregon! How fabulous is that?! Huge thanks … Read More

Turn A Curse Into A Blessing

Have you ever been in a situation where a curse turned into blessing? Were you surprised by the blessing you received?  I want to share with you a story that did just that…but first.. Chuckle loudly if you own an … Read More

Know yourself…. in relationships

I just had the most wonderful evening the other day. Five couples got together for dinner at a Chinese restaurant. It was so much fun connecting with some friends I have not seen for a while. What I noticed is … Read More

Run, Don’t Walk

When I tell my kids that I was a runner in high school, they giggle. When I tell them that I actually competed while I was in the army and came fourth in the country in long-distance running with obstacles … Read More

For This I Was Born

Last weekend I attended a conference in Portland, Oregon called Intuitive Speaking. Over 200 people attended. I came away with so much! The one takeaway that keeps on coming up, is my invented sentence that by now is becoming a … Read More

Your Attitude Can Be Contagious

Last week on my way to a restaurant for dinner, I saw a woman who was uploading some merchandise into her van. She was wearing a T-shirt that says, “I hate my job.” I instantly felt sorry for her! For … Read More

Hope and Action Spiced with Courage

I was on the plane back to Portland from a speaking engagement at Princeton New Jersey philanthropy luncheon when I watched the movie Joy with Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Jennifer Lawrence. Against all odds, Joy, the main actress, … Read More

I Am Nobody Else!

I remember last July when I left my position as the education director at a Conservative synagogue. I went from knowing what was my weekday routine to having to create it from scratch. I had no website. No book (just … Read More

Change for Your Best!

What do you think about the idea of change? This thought was recently introduced in my Toastmasters club. And of course, it got me thinking about the times in my life that I needed to change. Usually I speak about … Read More