Do I Have What You Don’t?

What do I have? Several people over the last few weeks have asked me in wonder: Dorice, how did you know that? Who taught you how to use this? How do you get clients? How do you know what to … Read More

Fix It Now!

Have you ever heard a shofar blow? A shofar is made from a ram’s horn and is an instrument Jews use for the High Holy Days. The tradition is to blow the shofar one hundred blasts during the Rosh Hashanah … Read More

Cleaning Up Our Act

Cleaning up our Act…Starting today. We are a week into the month of  Elul— the last month of the Jewish year. After a summer filled with outings, sun, and visits with friends, Jews begin to think about getting back into … Read More

Cleaning The Vase

For Jews, the month of Elul, starting this Sunday, represents the warm up.  Like a real exercise class, we all need a warm-up before the aerobic part begins, right? The “aerobic” sections begins with Rosh Hashana, our New Year, and … Read More

My Morning Coffee

On my California vacation with my family, something sweet happened. My kids say it happens often to me. I am not sure if it’s true, but I will take it! Here is a story about how one nice gesture leads … Read More